Heart Children NZ - Canterbury


CURRENT STATUS: Staff working in local areas from home



Contact person:  Judith Wakelin
Position:  Secretary/Treasurer
Email address:  heartcanterbury@paradise.net.nz
Phone:  03-343-3902
Mobile:  021-243-3902
Fax:  03-03 281 8006


1)  Support to heart children and their families. Links with our national office who has a camp for heart children families in Clevedon so they can get away from Christchurch
2)  Family Support workers visiiting families and assessing need and delivering information, resources and suppport
3)  Arranging coffee groups etc to help heart parents meet other heart parents, children meet children etc. Linking families with others for support
4)  Assistance to families flying to Auckland for thier childs heart operation
5) Providing information, events and support as needed.


 Finnacial support needed - we have already helped 17 families leave town when we do not have the resources to do so - and staff are doing extra hours to meet need. All our supply of items for families damaged and our fundraising cancelled so money going out but not coming in.


We are meeting the need now but are ver very worried about the cost of this and our ability to afford it - severely affecting our ability to supply services in the rest of the year.