Psychiatric Consumers Trust


CURRENT STATUS: Limited services available



Contact person:  Beth Nobes
Position:  Manager
Email address:
Phone:  03-366-8288
Mobile:  027-357-2386
Fax:  03-366-8276


1)  Advocacy Team - Addictions and Mental Health.
One on one support for people with experience of mental health issues or addictions when dealing with ACC, Work and Income, Employers\,Landlords or health services. Advocates have personal experience of mental health and addiction services and work with service users to achieve their goals.
2)  Latnam House - Social Drop-in for people with experience of mental illness.
A friendly setting with leisure resources and refreshments where people can develop friendships and access resources and advocacy. NOTE: call 379 9228 to see if the centre is open as there have been issues with the power.
3)  Lalaga - Pacific consumers drop-un centre. The Pacific Trust Canterbury Mental Health Team and PCT operate a social support programme for mental health service users with Pacific Island cultural back ground. Contact the team through Pacific Trust. 366 3900
4)  Awareness - Canterbury Action on Mental Health.
A network of conmsumers of Mental Health and Addiction services who work to inprove services for all consumers through submissions and advisory roles.
5)  Quiet Minds - Mental Health Radio.
On Plains F M every Saturday afternoon the presenters interview people with information and perspective of the mental health sector.


A hall in a church or community centre that would let us run the drop-in centre while we await the power situation to be straightened out.


We are offering good one on one support for people who have mental illness and will resume the social programme as soon as possible.