Te Puna Whaiora Glenelg Childrens Health Camp


CURRENT STATUS: Centre closed but operating at another site



Contact person:  Helen Chappell
Position:  Support Services Team Leader
Email address:  helen.chappell@healthcamps.org.nz
Phone:  027-675-7734


1)  Weekend day Adventure Camps for children between the age of 5-12yrs. The focus of these day programmes are to develop relationship skills, confidence and self esteem, whilst having fun. Numbers to ring for details of this are Jocy Barnes 0276757723 or Shane Whitfield 0274326831.
2)  Mentoring Support. The objective is to provide both families/caregivers and children practical support in the home, school and with day to day living. It will consist of a care plan being drawn up with realistic and achieveable action plans being formulated.
3)  Social Workers In Schools. Qualified Social Workers, working within 23 Primary and Intermediate schools in the Christchurch region. The service provides brief interventions consisting of Programme work, assessment careplanning, networking and referring onto other identified services.
4)  Field Worker In Schools. Identifies fringe and at risk children, then sets out to identify appropriate social/health and education services to best support children and families.
5) We also offer KidzaCool Adventure Camps, during the school Holidays. These are 1 week, fun filled, activity based programes fousing on children in foster care. To access information on these please go to our National web-site for referral forms and dates of these camps.




Te Puna Whaiora Glenelg Childrens Health Camp is currently based out of Nga Hau E Wha Marae and is working closely with Te Runanga O Nga Maata Waka. All phone calls and enquiries are being taken by our National Office in Wellington and then passed onto us. This will continue until further notice.