Safeguarding Children Initiative

CURRENT STATUS: Fully Operational



Contact person:  Renee Strickland
Position:  Administrator
Email address:
Phone:  027 772 4469
Mobile:  027 772 4469


Safeguarding Children Initiative (SCI) is a registered charity (cc49059) based in New Zealand.  Our aim is to reduce child abuse in Aotearoa New Zealand by ensuring that the people who are in key positions to help a child or young person have the essential knowledge, skills, systems, competencies, and confidence to do so.

Children and young people rely on those who are around them, care for and work with them to recognise they are in need or at risk and to know how to help.

We offer several training opportunities, see   

There are two courses scheduled for Christchurch in October 2019:-

  • Child Protection Level 1 – Christchurch – 22.10.19, 1:00pm – 4:30pm 

  • Applied Child Protection Practice – Christchurch – 23.10.19, 9:30am – 3:30pm

Location: Christchurch Bridge Club, 21 Nova Place, Christchurch, 8011 New Zealand  - - -  For course details and to register online go to: